Aviation Attorneys

Sands Anderson's Aviation attorneys represents clients from across the aviation industry, including aviation insurers, product manufacturers, pilots, airports, airframe and power plant mechanics, maintenance facilities, fixed base operators and air carriers.

Legal Experience 

The Aviation Team includes experienced trial attorneys who know the aviation industry, are experienced pilots and have the technical and practical aviation experience to efficiently handle aviation cases. They have worked with the Department of Justice, Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board to prepare and handle their cases. Moreover, one of our aviation lawyers is a former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General who advised the Department of Navy on aviation accident matters and also has experience as a trial attorney in the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice's Aviation Litigation section. These varied backgrounds give our team the unique ability to deal effectively with the accident investigators and experts in a particular case, as well as with the various government agencies on behalf of our aviation clients.

Aviation Experience 

The Aviation Team offers extensive, hands-on experience from strong aviation backgrounds including helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, gliders and seaplanes. The aviation background of our aviation lawyers in Virginia includes military trained pilots and instructor pilots, as well as an attorney with an aerospace engineering degree. This understanding of aircraft operations and engineering is used to effectively handle the often complex and technical issues that arise from aviation incidents. We thoroughly investigate and evaluate aviation accidents and provide clients with early risk management options and litigation strategies.


Our Virginia aviation attorneys have handled aviation litigation throughout the United States, including, but not limited to, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, the Carolinas, Florida, West Virginia, Indiana and Georgia. Our attorneys are members in the following state bars: Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the District of Columbia, as well as various federal courts.

Aircraft Accidents 

The Team handles all types of aviation-related matters including wrongful death, negligence and products liability litigation. The Team's aviation attorneys have the technical expertise to investigate accidents and evaluate witnesses in order to provide timely risk assessments to clients. We encourage clients to call immediately when they have been involved in air incidents so we can investigate and provide counseling even before a lawsuit has been filed.

Obstruction Contact Cases 

Our Aviation Team has developed a sub-specialty of defending electrical utilities and other structure owners in aviation tower and wire contact cases. We have experience conducting early on-site, pre-litigation investigation, litigation, and appeals. Our team can provide lectures and publications on how to prepare for and handle this unusual type of aviation/utility incident and litigation.

Aviation-Related Liability and Other Areas 

Our aviation attorneys have extensive experience in handling negligence, premises liability and personal injury cases on behalf of airlines, airports and their insurers. We have defended claims brought under the Air Carrier Access Act as well as baggage and cargo claims, slip and falls, cabin service and overhead bin cases. In addition, we can help clients with: 

  • Negotiating equipment purchases or leases
  • Airline restructurings and bankruptcies
  • Aviation economic regulatory matters
  • Airport and environmental issues
  • General commercial matters
  • Aviation insurance coverage
  • FAA compliance and enforcement

Aviation Legal Alert

Pilot's Misrepresentation of Medical Condition of Diabetes and Federal Preemption of Aviation Matters  (July 2002)

With offices in Virginia, the aviation lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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