Transportation Lawyers

Sands Anderson has a long history of serving operators of commercial vehicles and those companies that insure them. Our clients include retail companies that operate their own fleets, air freight carriers, service and logistics providers, trucking companies, including:

  • LTL carriers,
  • TL carriers,
  • Intermodal companies,
  • Specialized carriers,
  • Moving companies,
  • Towing companies,
  • Truck leasing companies, and
  • Freight barge operations.

Our transportation attorneys have experience defending matters involving aircraft of all sizes and configurations, tractor trailer combinations in most configurations, dump trucks, flatbed and conventional wreckers, large construction equipment, commercial and passenger transport vehicles, emergency service and rescue aircraft, water craft and surface transportation.

We advise and assist our clients on a wide range of matters including:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Accident investigation coordination
  • Contract negotiation & preparation
  • Regulatory compliance & licensing
  • Risk management counseling
  • Employment, non-competition & personnel matters
  • Tort liability defense
  • Environmental/toxic tort claims
  • Traffic issues
  • Freight loss & damage claims
  • Workers' compensation
  • Insurance coverage issues

Our transportation attorneys appear in all state and federal trial courts in Virginia and have experience before each of the various administrative tribunals within the state such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Virginia Department of Transportation, State Corporation Commission, Internal Revenue Service and Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission.  We also are experienced in successfully arguing cases in all of the state and federal appellate courts, and we have worked with the National Transportation and Safety Board on investigation and determination of loss and injury questions.  Additionally, our transportation lawyers have been admitted to practice pro hac vice in the following jurisdictions on behalf of our clients:  District of Columbia and North Carolina. With offices in Virginia, the transportation lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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