Antitrust Attorneys and Trade Regulation Lawyers

Sands Anderson Virginia attorneys have extensive experience in the area of Antitrust and Trade Regulation as well as Consumer Protection, Charitable Fraud, and Internal Investigations. Our antitrust and trade regulation attorneys have worked at government enforcement agencies and in the private sector on a wide range of antitrust, consumer and charitable fraud cases.


Many legitimate business practices can raise antitrust issues. Our antitrust attorneys can review proposed business dealings for antitrust implications. We can develop antitrust compliance programs for businesses, to assist those businesses in avoiding costly government enforcement actions. Where antitrust enforcement proceedings have been threatened, we have experience at dealing with the complexities of government antitrust enforcement. We can review actions by competitors for unfair trade issues. Our antitrust lawyers can bring or defend private actions involving violations of the antitrust laws.

Consumer Protection

An entity doing business with the public must take heed of the various state and federal consumer protection laws. Our attorneys have experience in prosecuting and defending consumer protection cases. We can review proposed practices for compliance with the consumer protection laws as well as defend allegations of violation of the consumer laws.

Charitable Fraud

Entities that solicit charitable contributions or organize as a non-profit corporation must comply with a myriad of state and federal laws. Our attorneys can guide entities through the intricacies of these laws as well as defend allegations of violation of registration laws or charitable fraud.

Internal Investigations

Businesses must react swiftly in today's environment to internal problems. Sands Anderson attorneys have direct experience at dealing with internal investigations in both the private and public sectors. We can assist companies in developing a plan of action in dealing with a complex internal matter. We can develop a plan to interview witnesses, conduct interviews, review documentary evidence and outline any corrective action necessary. We can provide guidance to internal auditors on legal matters.

The trade regulation attorneys of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic from our offices in Virginia.

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