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In our collections practice at Sands Anderson, our collections attorneys represent a wide range of creditors, including Fortune 500 corporations, landlords, small businesses and individuals in contract actions seeking the collection of unpaid accounts receivable, rents and other debts. Our North Carolina & Virginia collections lawyers take an aggressive approach to collections at all stages of the process from pre-litigation demands through enforcement of judgments. Whether the unpaid debt arises from nonpayment for services rendered, unpaid rents, or failure to pay for "goods" as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code, we are well equipped to assist you.

Additionally, we routinely advise our clients on avoiding uncollectible debt from the beginning of a transaction by preparing contracts, invoices and other documents which maximize your rights and protect your interests as a creditor. Finally, if the debtor files for bankruptcy protection, our team of collections lawyers is highly knowledgeable in navigating the bankruptcy system and routinely represents creditor-clients in the federal bankruptcy courts to ensure the maximum recovery possible.

The collections attorneys of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic from our offices in Virginia and North Carolina.

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