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Sands Anderson team of insurance coverage attorneys has extensive experience handling first party and third party claims for coverage under life, health, and disability, medical and legal professional liability, officer and director liability, real estate broker liability, auto, homeowners, garagekeepers, boat owners and aviation policies.  Representation includes advising on insurance coverage obligations, on duties to defend insureds and management of insurance coverage litigation.  While our Virginia insurance coverage lawyers are recognized as top-notch litigators, they also have significant experience in both mediation and arbitration. 

Our insurance coverage attorneys have prepared outlines, written numerous articles, and regularly lecture to business groups and attorneys on the subjects of insurance coverage and bad faith.  Sands Anderson is the only Virginia law firm included in the Res Loquitor Corporation's Select List of recommended and evaluated attorneys for the defense of life, health and disability/ERISA litigation. 

Selected Experience of our Insurance Coverage Attorneys

  • A wide variety of factual scenarios posing questions regarding CGL, liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage, duty to defend for accidents involving bodily injury, property damage, and coverage issues regarding life, health and disability insurance.
  • Representing carriers in first party action by insureds seeking coverage under auto, homeowners, CGL, garagekeepers, aviation, life, health and disability insurance policies. One such action involves representation of a carrier in an action for coverage under a condominium owners policy for mold contamination, which is the first such action against this carrier in the United States.
  • Representing carriers in third party actions by persons not insured under the policy with regard to auto and homeowners policies.
  • Filing and pursuing actions for declaratory relief on behalf of carriers seeking court interpretation of the existence or not of coverage under auto, homeowners, CGL, garagekeepers, aviation and life, health, and disability insurance policies.
  • Writing numerous coverage opinion letters with regard to potential first and third party claims against auto, homeowners, CGL, garagekeepers, aviation, life, health and disability policies.
  • Representing self-insured plans/carriers in actions seeking coverage under the plan/policies for life, health and long and short term disability.

With offices in Virginia, the insurance coverage attorneys of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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