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Today's business environment is frequently clouded by state and local regulations, policies and new legislation, which can have significant impact on the cost and operation of your business, organization or profession.  The Government Relations & Lobbying team at Sands Anderson PC offers businesses and organizations a full range of services that will successfully guide you through potential regulatory or legislative problems.

Our team of experienced government relations and lobbying lawyers assists clients by:

  • Direct lobbying of legislators, the Governor's Cabinet and other decision-makers
  • Anticipating and monitoring legislative and regulatory developments
  • Assisting with procurement procedures and obtaining state contracts
  • Dealing with state administrative boards to obtain and maintain professional licenses
  • Advocating your concerns before state regulatory boards
  • Promoting deregulation of industries and preventing new regulations that would negatively impact business
  • Providing organizational support for new banks and representing them before the SCC, FDIC and Federal Reserve
  • Providing a wide range of public relations and promotional service

The Sands Anderson Government Relations & Lobbying lawyers have extensive experience in a wide range of business and professional groups, such as:

  • Doctors, pharmacists and other health care service providers
  • Life and medical insurance carriers
  • Professional liability companies
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Local governments and agencies
  • Construction companies and contractors
  • Government and trade associations
  • Non-profit organizations

Administrative Advocacy

The Sands Anderson team can aid you and your business in ways not directly associated with the legislative process by: 

  •     Monitoring and keeping you abreast of proposed regulatory changes affecting your business
  •     Testifying on behalf of your company on issues before state regulatory boards
  •     Walking you through the often difficult process of obtaining and maintaining state license 

While our lobbying attorneys are ready to represent your business before any and all state boards, we have extensive experience and connections with the following: 

  •     ABC Board
  •     Apprenticeship Council
  •     Board of Conservation and Recreation
  •     Board of Game and Island Fisheries
  •     Board of Health Professions
  •     Board of Medicine
  •     Board of Pharmacy
  •     Bureau of Insurance
  •     Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  •     Department of Business Assistance
  •     Department of Forestry
  •     Department of Housing and Community Development
  •     Department of Labor and Industry
  •     Department of Mines Minerals and Energy
  •     Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and its regulatory boards
  •     Department of Transportation
  •     Division of Motor Vehicles
  •     Legislative Agencies and Commissions
  •     Lottery Board
  •     Safety and Health Codes Board
  •     State Milk Commission
  •     State Water Control Board
  •     Tobacco Identification and Community Revitalization Commission
  •     Utility issues before the State Corporation Commission
  •     Virginia Biotechnology Research Park Authority
  •     Virginia Employment Commission
  •     Virginia Economic Development Partnership
  •     Virginia Housing Development Authority
  •     Virginia Marine Products Board
  •     Virginia Resources Authority
  •     Virginia Small Business Financing Authority
  •     Virginia Tourism Authority
  •     Virginia Workforce Council

Let the Sands Anderson Government Relations & Lobbying lawyers in Virginia and North Carolina be your pro-business advocate.

Selected Lobbying and Government Relations Experience

We introduced our clients to the decision-makers in the Virginia legislature, the Governor's cabinet and the Governor's office

  • We drafted and obtained industry-specific legislation that provided greater business opportunities for our clients
  • We worked with legislators to ensure passage of major juvenile competency legislation, creating additional business opportunities for our clients
  • We assisted local elected officials by tracking and advocating legislation affecting finance and tax issues for a variety of local governments
  • We successfully represented our clients in preventing burdensome government regulations that threatened small business
  • We tracked the budget process and served as an advocate for a variety of clients, including non-profit organizations seeking increased state funding
  • We reviewed, drafted and promoted legislation that positively impacts life and health insurance concerns
  • We worked with insurance providers and doctors to prevent increased medical costs in Virginia
  • We promoted deregulation of industries and prevented new regulations that would adversely impact business
  • We prepared and provided organizational support for new banks and represented them before the SCC, FDIC and Federal Reserve
  • We successfully guided clients through the "Request for Proposal Process" and the ensuing state competitive bidding process for construction or for providing goods or services
  • We appeared before the Mine Safety Health Administration on behalf of clients on regulatory issues
  • We appeared before the State Corporation Commission on behalf of clients for a variety of issues
  • We represented insurance companies and agents before the Bureau of Insurance

With offices in Virginia and North Carolina, the lobbying attorneys of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond.

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