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Sands Anderson PC's expertise in government, municipal finance, school law and securities matters derives from over 50 years of representing counties, cities, towns, school boards and special authorities and boards, across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sands Anderson is included in the Bond Buyer's Municipal Marketplace list of municipal bond counsel, commonly known as "nationally recognized bond counsel" and our attorneys are approved for representing localities in loans from state agencies and federal agencies such as the USDA.

Our experience with general municipal and school law issues and our involvement as local government attorney for a number of political subdivisions gives us a unique knowledge of the day-to-day concerns of local governments, agencies and school systems and the way in which municipal financings can affect their operations.  Our North Carolina and Virginia local government lawyers have been involved in over 500 bond issues totaling more than $2 billion.  We have also rendered bond counsel opinions in traditional municipal debt areas, such as general obligation bonds and school bonds, and in specialized financings involving lease purchase, moral obligation and economic development issues.

Our special expertise in general local government issues includes the following:

  • Airport operations
  • Aviation matters
  • School boards
  • Employment law
  • Eminent domain
  • Zoning and subdivision laws
  • Environmental law
  • Conservation easements
  • Economic development planning and promotion
  • State and federal grants
  • Risk management/personal injury defense
  • Procurement and bid procedures
  • Conflict of interest laws
  • Freedom of information act
  • Media/press relations
  • Construction litigation
  • Social services matters
  • Workers' compensation hearings & litigation
  • Regulation and financing of landfills
  • Negotiation of regional authority contracts
  • Delinquent tax sales and collection
  • Redistricting, referendum and elections
  • General reassessment and assessment issues 

Sands Anderson is also well prepared to serve its clients effectively as both advisor and advocate in governmental relations. Our local government attorneys in Virginia are experienced in working with the Virginia General Assembly and numerous regulatory agencies and commissions, including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Environmental Quality, State Corporation Commission and Industrial Commission.  We participate with our clients in developing legislative strategies, as well as in engaging in active lobbying efforts on their behalf. 


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The government lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic from our offices in Virginia and North Carolina.

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