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Every development project will require extensive interaction with local government.  Many projects will require that the local governing body approve a special exception, use permit, or rezoning prior to construction.  Proffers may need to be negotiated.  Site and development plans will undoubtedly need to be submitted and approvals sought.  Because of their lengthy experience as county attorneys and legal advisors for local governments and authorities, our zoning attorneys are able to anticipate potential problems with your project and guide you through the maze of ordinances, statutes and regulations, thereby avoiding unscheduled delays, governmental obstacles and denied permit applications.

Our land use and zoning attorneys offer proven ability to promote your project and effectively advance your ideas before planning staffs and governing bodies.  Because we represent local governments in land use matters, we know their concerns, and we know how to address them most effectively.  Over the years, our North Carolina and Virginia zoning lawyers have been involved in countless rezoning actions, and we have written or revised many of the zoning and land use ordinances used in local jurisdictions around the state.  We have also represented clients before local boards of zoning in appeals and in disputes regarding zoning ordinance interpretation.  We have successfully tried such matters before state jurisdictions including the Virginia Supreme Court.  We have worked with the Virginia General Assembly and numerous regulatory agencies and commissions, including the Department of Environmental Quality and the State Corporation Commission.

Our land use and zoning lawyers also understand the use of conservation easements and how they may restrict the type and amount of development that may take place on a property, as well as their effect on other rights which the landowner may possess.

From our offices in North Carolina and Virginia, the zoning and land use lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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