Religious Organizations

Sands Anderson's Religious Organizations Practice combines a strong foundation in businesses and nonprofit law with the firm's comprehensive resources to provide legal services for religious institutions.  With a clear understanding of the constitutional and statutory differences separating religious organizations from other groups, the attorneys of Sands Anderson provide guidance and representation on issues specifically affecting religious institutions.

We have guided organizations through formation, operational, governance, and financing issues as well as compliance with the various federal, state, and local laws under which such organizations operate. Our attorneys' personal and professional involvement in community groups help us understand the unique challenges of an organization subject to scrutiny of members, donors, religious leaders, and the community at large. Our attorneys provide advice, guidance, and representation on: 

  • Incorporation
  • Purchase and Sale of Real Estate
  • Limiting the organization's liability for the actions of leaders and volunteers
  • Intellectual property matters and copyright infringement suits
  • Congregational disputes
  • Professional liability
  • Permitting another organization to use property or facilities
  • Tax matters
  • Ongoing compliance with state and federal tax exemption laws
  • Annual Reporting Requirements
  • Pastoral malfeasance
  • Insurance
  • Affiliated Hospitals, Schools, Daycares and Universities
  • Fundraising and registration requirements
  • Employment matters
  • Financing
  • First Amendment
  • Operations
  • Dissolution, liquidation

The lawyers of Sands Anderson are committed to delivering practical, cost-effective solutions that respect the religious mission of the organization.  With offices in Virginia and North Carolina, the lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

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