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Sands Anderson PC's product liability team has firsthand experience to evaluate and handle the legal issues involved in investigations and litigation.  The group's approach is to become completely familiar with the client's business and its products to efficiently prepare and present cases.  They also rely on a unique external network of consultants and experts in virtually every field to help them better understand issues and develop the best defense.  In addition to defending legal actions, our product liability attorneys advise clients on ways to reduce or prevent potential liability claims.

For more than forty years, the product liability lawyers of Sands Anderson have been involved in some of the most sophisticated product liability cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Sands Anderson has been actively representing large and small manufacturers competing in a number of complex industries, including the producers of:

  • Commercial agricultural and industrial chemicals
  • Building supply and construction products
  • Consumer products
  • Commercial machinery and tools
  • Automobiles, aircraft, commercial and recreational vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Firearms

The firm defends product liability and toxic tort claims for both personal injury and property damage.  Sands Anderson was a leader in the industrial disease toxic tort cases of Asbestos and Silicosis cases, serving as both regional and national coordinating counsel.  The attorneys of Sands Anderson have been involved in numerous claims, successfully resolving many of those on pretrial motions.  Before trial, we have also developed structured matrix settlement agreements.  When a case must go to trial, the product liability attorneys will vigorously represent our clients in an effort to achieve the best possible results.

Sands Anderson is capable of covering a number of geographic locations beyond Virginia.  Combining this physical presence with our lawyers' experience as regional and national coordinating counsel, we strive to provide each client the best representation regardless of where the claim may arise.

Selected Product Liability Experience

  • Defending a national manufacturer in a sophisticated user product liability defense;
  • Successful summary judgment in federal court in toxic tort/product liability litigation;
  • Obtaining a defense verdict in personal injury claim allegedly resulting from defective commercial machinery;
  • Dismissal of property damage claim involving automotive component part, with no money paid.

The product liability lawyers of Sands Anderson serve clients across the country from our offices in Virginia.

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