Summer Associate Program

Our summer associate program offers rising third-year law students the opportunity to explore our practice areas and firm culture through a hands-on, eight-week program. We recruit 1 – 2 promising and talented students to join our team. Successful summer associates match our firm’s commitment to work together, motivate each other, and learn from one another.

Details about the program:

Sands Anderson offers summer associates the chance to work on a variety of assignments from each of the firm’s practice areas, encouraging them to fully explore the opportunities available at the firm and gain a deeper understanding of our business.

As a summer associate, you will:

Be assigned work based on your expressed interests and workload availability.
Get firsthand experience accompanying our attorneys to closings, client conferences, hearings, local government meetings, trials, depositions and other opportunities.
Interact directly with attorneys who can answer questions about their areas of expertise, discuss timely cases, and provide information on the firm’s structure, management, and marketing.
Participate in the Continuing Legal Education seminars and associate training sessions scheduled throughout the summer. Program topics range from legal ethics to trial tactic seminars and marketing strategies.
Enjoy thoughtfully planned and fun out-of-office (or virtual) social events.

What will you work on?

Our summer associates work on assignments that we bill out to our clients; therefore we maintain a high expectation for quality and strong attention to detail.

Working on a transactional matter, you might conduct research for a company that is looking to incorporate their small business, participate in a county Board of Supervisors’ meeting or assists with a commercial real estate transaction.

If you’re assisting on a litigation matter, you might accompany an attorney to the deposition of an adverse party, visit the scene of a trucking accident or spend a day in court observing a complex jury trial.

The work assignments you’ll be given are precisely the type and complexity of assignments given to first-year associates, so you’ll know what to expect post-law school.

“I had a bucket list of the things I wanted to do or witness during my time at Sands Anderson, and over the course of eight weeks I was able to check off everything on that list. What struck me about the firm’s culture and workplace environment is that it very much lives up to its reputation, which is that it is a genuinely friendly firm with people who really care about their work, but also really care about their life outside of work.”
–Aaisha Sanaullah, 2021 Summer Associate

“Sands Anderson’s welcoming environment and friendly staff made the difficult transition from law school to firm life seamless, and my supervising attorneys are always willing to offer advice and answer any questions I have. The firm is dedicated to developing young lawyers and putting them in ideal positions to achieve success.”
–Brian Clarke, 2020 Summer Associate

“Being a summer associate at Sands was a great opportunity for me to survey a wide array of practice areas and attorneys’ practice styles. My assignments and workload reflected the nature of work I would get as an associate, and the attorneys I worked with treated me like I was a teammate on the case.”
Theo LaRose, 2019 Summer Associate

“The summer program helped me connect with attorneys on a professional level and figure out what areas of law I found exciting and interesting. It also gave me the time to socialize with attorneys, to get to know their personalities, and to find camaraderie with them. The practice of law is best compared to a group sport, to a team, and the summer program gives the associate the time to figure out what position they might want to play on that team.”
Lindsay Bunting Eubanks, 2018 Summer Associate

Applications are now closed for our 2022 Summer Program.

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