Since 2016, we have made a firm-wide commitment to contribute to literacy efforts in the communities we serve. Literacy has taken on new meaning in 2020 with the predominance of distance learning and remote working. Digital resources are being used to support literacy instruction, and having access to a computer is critical for students and adults, alike. As a result, we have adapted our efforts to include programs that support this expanded view of literacy.

Please join us in making an impact on the lives of others in our communities.

Please select from the following literacy gifts using the form below. Sands Anderson will:

  1. Donate a book on your behalf to organizations that serve communities where access to books is limited.
  2. Make a donation to Virginia STAR on your behalf. Virginia STAR is an after school program in schools across the Commonwealth of Virginia that teaches students to refurbish computers that are then donated to families, organizations, and school districts. The students also work toward IT industry standard certifications that pave the way for higher education and well-paying jobs.
  3. Make a donation to the Kramden Institute on your behalf. The Kramden Institute is an organization that refurbishes and awards computers to students and families in North Carolina without a computer in their home. It also inspires students to succeed by teaching them critical computer, software and Internet skills.

Sands Anderson dedicates its outreach efforts to fostering literacy in our communities. Focusing on literacy enables us to apply our skills and passion to help those who are underserved. That’s why we’re committed to partnering with organizations that support both child and adult literacy efforts. We want to do our part to help lift up and support children and adults lacking literacy opportunities, abilities, or access.

Thank you for sharing the magic of the season with us and especially with the many children and adults who will discover the joy of literacy through these donations.