Your Career, Your Way.



Silos aren’t really our thing. We believe personal interest combined with varied experience makes you a more well-rounded client advocate. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in an area or two that interests you! We support your success from day one. And, when your career takes off in the direction of your choosing, we provide the necessary staff, tools, and assistance to help you build out your practice in exactly the way you want.


Looking for a firm that will invest in you and provide professional development opportunities tailored to you? You’ve found it. Through Sands Advance, an initiative focused on the professional development of our attorneys and staff, we provide formalized mentoring, skills enhancement programs, business development coaching, constructive feedback, and other resources specific to your needs.

In addition, attorneys at all levels get hands-on experience from the start of their careers at Sands Anderson. If you desire to write the brief, present the new regulations, go to court, or have facetime with the client, we provide that experience early and often. As your competence grows, so will your independence in handling these matters on your own.


The opportunity for advancement and leadership at Sands Anderson is real. Whether you desire to have more autonomy over your work, build your personal brand, become a shareholder, interface with clients, engage in community building efforts, participate in firm management, or obtain credit for your work, we support it. Together, we will pursue the opportunities that align with your goals and allow you to grow in the ways that are most meaningful to you.


When you begin to consider stepping back from your practice, we’ll be ready to support you and your clients. It takes years of dedicated effort to build a successful practice, and the trust your clients place in you is significant. Whether you’ve been at Sands Anderson your entire career or need a firm where you know your clients will be well-cared for, we will develop a customized plan to ensure you feel good about beginning your new adventure.

A Pain-Free Platform

At Sands Anderson, we have:

  • Clients with interesting and challenging legal issues ✔️
  • Colleagues in the legal areas that support your practice and encourage your success without ego ✔️
  • Capable admin and support staff ✔️
  • Red tape ❌

We love a good procedure but know the best ones don’t impede you from the important work of lawyering. At Sands Anderson, we offer the full suite of legal services and the foundation you need to thrive, without unnecessary bureaucracy. Because platform, culture, and work product are intertwined, we actively maintain an open-door policy that gives you access to both colleagues and firm leaders who are committed to collaboration. By adding in a capable and talented admin team who to take on the business concerns (IT, HR, finance and marketing) of running a law firm and support you at every turn, we’ve created a platform for true success.

Your Firm for Life

We know you have a life outside of work. At Sands Anderson, we help you build a sustainable practice, even when you have important personal commitments. We embrace intelligent lawyering, efficient practices, and modern technologies above unreasonably long office hours. Whether you work from the office or from your home office, our goal remains the same – to provide the tools and opportunities you need to achieve the professional growth you desire. While we are serious about superior client service and ambitious in our goals, we don’t prioritize billable hours over our employees’ health and happiness. We hope our attorneys and staff will stay at Sands Anderson the duration of their careers (and, in fact, many do!).

We See YOU at Sands

You know a firm is right when you can do work you love with people you enjoy, all without trivial distractions.

If you:

  • Are committed to providing the highest level of service to clients
  • Desire to be part of a true team of legal professionals and close-knit community that supports each individual and eagerly contributes to shared goals
  • Believe legal products are more effective and innovative when developed by people from diverse backgrounds and with differing life experiences
  • Expect to be seen and valued for the contributions you make and the amazing person you are
  • Embrace work-life balance and exhibit creativity, resourcefulness, and efficiency in your practice

Then we see YOU at Sands.

Check out our current openings. If you don’t see a specific opportunity that aligns with your skills, don’t fret. We make room for like-minded lawyers of all types. Contact Liz Coleman, Talent Acquisition Manager for more information.