Trust & Estate Planning

Crafting trust and estate strategies that protect you and your loved ones requires a keen awareness into the intricacies of estate and tax laws. To prepare for your future, you must create plans that reflect your values, protect your beneficiaries, and coordinate tax details.

At Sands Anderson, our Trust and Estate Planning team provides the steadfast support that helps you legally protect your legacy. Our attorneys bring over 100 years of experience supporting families, beneficiaries, and individual and corporate fiduciaries. In every step, we’re here to be your ally and look out for your best interests. Whenever you have questions or concerns, we’ll provide the perspectives and resources you need to create sound strategies.

To support your goals, our Trust and Estate Planning team focuses on three key areas:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate & Trust Administration
  • Probate & Chancery Litigation

Estate Planning

Whatever estate goals you’re pursuing, we can help you create the legal outcomes you seek — while minimizing any tax liabilities that could affect you. We’ll work closely with you to address your unique estate needs, so we can reflect your priorities across our legal guidance. Our estate planning services can support you with:

  • Protecting your beneficiaries from divorce, lawsuits, and other threats
  • Counseling on life insurance in estate and business planning
  • Counseling on avoiding probate
  • Drafting wills and trusts to provide for children and others
  • Planning for the care of minors or others with disabilities
  • Succession planning for a family business
  • Tax planning to help minimize or avoid estate and gift taxes

Estate & Trust Administration

Our team stands ready to serve as your fiduciary or represent your fiduciary, beneficiary, creditor, or other entity connected to your estate. Our goal is to provide the diligent legal protection that helps you come out ahead with services that include:

  • Advising fiduciaries on all aspects of estate and trust administration, spousal rights and liability, and properly paying estate obligations
  • Assisting fiduciaries in obtaining relief from further liability when distributing the estate
  • Obtaining tax-qualified status for charitable trusts or foundations
  • Preparing estate tax– and fiduciary income tax returns
  • Representing the Estate or Trust before the Internal Revenue Service on valuation and other tax issues

Probate &  Litigation

The decisions you make at the time of probate can significantly ease your administration burden or even reduce your litigation potential. Sand Anderson can help guide you through this process with efficiency and care. Our Probate & Litigation services include:

  • Representing the Trustee or beneficiaries in modifying or early termination of Trusts
  • Estate litigation for advice and guidance to construe the will or trust or determine other issues in the administration of the estate or trust
  • Representing creditors or claimants in litigation involving estates
  • Determining and enforcing spousal rights
  • Representing litigants in claims of breach of fiduciary duty

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