At Sands Anderson, embracing a transparent, forthright environment is in our DNA — and we’re here to provide the resources and guidance you need, today and every day.

Sands Anderson is a midsize law firm that guides clients with united support for their complete legal needs. We work with clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region who have diverse legal objectives — and desire a thorough, steadfast ally.

Our clientele typically includes:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Government Entities
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Insurance Companies

Once you become our client, we will become your lifelong partner. No matter your legal needs and goals, we’ll dedicate our full efforts to supporting you and creating the best possible outcomes.

Our Philosophy

We believe that to do our best work we should be more than a legal resource to those we serve. Instead, we’re a friend in business who cares just as much for the clients we support as the outcomes we create.

In order to uphold this commitment, we must help each person and organization to look forward, stay on track, and come out ahead — so we work to always prepare and protect them. By diligently supporting our clients and proactively addressing their needs, we can help them navigate unforeseen challenges and address immediate concerns. To do so, we focus on the fundamental importance of working intelligently and efficiently, both for our clients and ourselves. Our adept abilities and agile structure allow us to focus on the right efforts at the right time, and we’re not afraid to seize new opportunities as they arise. This flexibility translates to providing our clients with highly responsive service that keeps them cared for and informed.

In every step, we believe in providing lasting value to the clients we serve and the people we hire. From our open-door policy to our genuine belief in enjoying life, we strive to foster every clients’ and employees’ success.

Our Legacy

Sands Anderson’s roots began in Richmond, Virginia, in 1842, when Alexander Hamilton Sands and John Howard founded our firm. Since then, we’ve become Richmond’s longest continually operating business — and we’ve enhanced our reach across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Today, our vast capabilities and experienced attorneys enable us to support clients in:

  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.

While we embrace the value of tradition and history, we further believe that our longevity and advancement are a testament to our proactive culture. Through evolving centuries, industries, and cities, we’ve learned to be nimble and adapt to changing times — while remaining true to our roots and purpose.

Through this purposeful growth, we’ve continually served each client as a friend in business — and expanded our abilities and reach to meet their complete legal needs. With each new stage, we’ve brought an enduring commitment to ethics and a passion for seizing future opportunities. Ultimately, our legacy is the results of our unwavering commitment to support the communities we work in.

In fact, the concept of community pulses throughout our firm. From our founding and through nearly two centuries of growth, we’ve continued being a dependable partner and resource the community can turn to at any point for shrewd, caring legal support. And as a community advocate, we apply our experiences and passions to help our communities have the resources they need to inspire and thrive.

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