At Sands Anderson, the quality of our leadership defines our firm’s culture. As a midsize legal firm focused on putting relationships first, we know that our leaders must be both respected legal professionals and community advocates.

We believe in doing our best work — and we foster an environment that attracts the right professionals to uphold this standard.

In 2017, we announced our new president, Margaret Hardy, who brings decades of legal experience and years embodying leadership in our firm. She builds on the direction and guidance of our immediate past-president Lee Byrd. During Lee’s tenure, he helped guide the firm through transitions, enhanced procedures, and client-service initiatives.

As we enter a new era of growth and service at Sands Anderson, we’re excited for the present that’s unfolding — and look forward to the future that awaits.

Meet Our Leadership

Administrative Directors

  • Executive Director: Donald J. W. Osborne
  • Human Resources Director: Janet M. Broadway
  • Director of Information Technologies: Phillip S. Vass
  • Director of Marketing & Business Development: Rachel J. Lufkin