At Sands Anderson, the quality of our leadership defines our firm’s culture. As a midsize legal firm focused on putting relationships first, we know that our leaders must be both respected legal professionals and community advocates.

We believe in doing our best work — and we foster an environment that attracts the right professionals to uphold this standard.

Since 2017, Margaret Hardy has served as firm president. She has decades of legal experience and embodies the leadership traits esteemed in our firm. Joined by Jeffrey Geiger and Brian Pitney, the board focuses on the development of the firm’s growth strategies and client services. The board also emphasizes the firm’s commitment to attorney excellence, diversity and community

Meet Our Leadership


Margaret F. Hardy

Member, Board of Directors:
Jeffrey H. Geiger

Member, Board of Directors:
Brian R. Pitney

Administrative Directors

Director of Information Technology:
Phillip S. Vass
Director of Human Resources:
Janet M. Broadway

Director of Finance:
Trevor S. Daubenspeck


Director of Marketing & Business Development:
Rachel Lufkin