Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Sands Anderson believes in the importance of reading for everyone, and supports literacy in our communities through our Literacy Initiative. We’ve focused our community outreach on literacy since fall 2016. Last year we donated over 4,350 books, participated in 27 events, supported 22 organizations and schools, and volunteered over 280 hours. Our initiative continues to go strong in 2018!

Sands Anderson Literacy Initiative in 2017

Our attorneys and staff had a great time in February labeling 1,250 books. We donated all of them to 6 different organizations in Virginia and North Carolina to get books into the hands of kids. Book ownership is a key component to literacy and we are proud to work with organizations who make it a priority.

To celebrate National Book Lovers Day we are sharing favorites from our own book lovers, our attorneys and staff. Keep reading for their recommendations, you may just find a new book to pick up!


Visit our Community page to learn more about our Literacy Initiative, and enjoy National Book Lovers Day!