How Common Are Vaccine Injuries?

There’s a play where the main characters keep flipping a coin and it only lands on heads. If reality worked that way, we might be better off—at least, if only good outcomes happened. Unfortunately for us, there’s also a statistical rule: the Law of Large Numbers. In other words, if we do things enough times we will get every possible result, in proportion to how likely it is. When flipping a coin we always assume there are only two possible outcomes (heads or tails) but theoretically, there’s a third possibility that the coin lands on its edge.  For a U.S. nickel the odds of landing on the edge are about 1 in 6,000 tosses. The odds of that happening are very rare, much in the same way that developing a vaccine injury is a very rare occurrence. I tend to think of getting a vaccine injury as winning a lottery in reverse because instead of getting a nice prize you wind up with an injury and for some that injury can be…

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Ramon Rodriguez and Elizabeth Muldowney are members of Sands Anderson’s Vaccine Injury Legal Team and represent individuals and families who have developed injuries related to vaccines.