Happy National Nurses Week!

During National Nurses Week, Sands Anderson recognizes two of our attorneys who are registered nurses themselves! Margaret F. Hardy and Grace Morse-McNelis are proud to support nurses and healthcare professionals in their practice. Thank you for your work, Margaret and Grace, and thank you to all nurses who are a vital part of our healthcare systems.

“As an attorney, I am so fortunate to be able to represent nurses in malpractice actions and before the Board of Nursing.  I understand and appreciate the many demands placed on nurses striving to deliver quality patient care, while dealing with the increasing complexities of our healthcare systems.  Folks often say to me, “you were a nurse, right?”  I always correct them – I am a nurse and I am proud to be an advocate for others.”

                                                                   – Margaret F. Hardy


“Being a nurse was the foundation of the attorney I have become today.  While now I advocate for nurses when there is litigation, I was inspired to do so because nurses are at the bedside, in homes, and sometimes in the field, advocating for patients.  Nurses deliver a delicate but irreplaceable combination of skills and caring; knowledge and compassion – and each day are making a difference in somebody’s life.  I am reminded of a great quote by the tenacious and remarkable Helen Keller “I cannot do everything, but still I can do something”. That defines nurses.  Though sometimes overworked and pulled in 100 directions, nurses can leave their workplace each day knowing they have done something – something wonderful. Hats off to all  nurses… always out there doing this wonderful something!”

                                                                   – Grace Morse-McNelis


Margaret F. Hardy and Grace Morse-McNelis are both attorneys in Sands Anderson’s Healthcare Group.