Webinar: The Good & Bad of Social Media for HOAs

HOAleader.com, a national online publication for homeowner associations, is hosting this webinar. Liz contributes to HOAleader.com and has presented multiple webinars through the platform.

You’ll learn:

  • How social media can help community associations and how it can damage them
  • The benefits of setting up social media policies and practices
  • What to include and not to include in those policies
  • Which social media sites are best for what purposes; for example, when is Facebook a good platform for community associations? What about Twitter?
  • How to determine who should be in charge of your association’s social media accounts and how they should determine what to respond to and even delete
  • What types of posts help you meet your community association’s social media goals and what types can interfere with your goals
  • Real-life examples of how community associations got tripped up by social media madness
  • Tips for handling sticky situations, including attacks on your association, your board, or your owners, plus outright falsifications, when they arise
  • The most recent news and legal issues that have arisen when it comes to social media and community associations
  • And much more!

Visit HOALeader.com to register for the webinar.

Elizabeth L. White, Esq.

Liz leads our firm’s national Community Associations industry team and works in our Williamsburg, Virginia office. She is widely regarded as a thought leader in this industry and is a frequent speaker at CAI (Community Association Institute) events on topics relating to community association law. She is a regular contributor to publications such as www.HOAleader.com. Liz teaches a class on community association law at William and Mary Law School, which is the only one of its kind in Virginia and one of only a handful nationwide.

Liz is co-presenting the webinar with Melissa Garcia, who provides advice and counsel to Colorado associations in all areas of community association law.