Community Associations

Community associations bring an array of moving pieces and an intricate web of legal obligations. At Sands Anderson, our attorneys have vast experience helping clients form, operate and manage their association with forethought and confidence. No matter if you have routine needs (such as negotiating contracts) or non-routine needs (such as meeting regulatory matters), we can provide the judicious support that helps you come out ahead.

We have a true team of professionals, who not only enjoy working together — but collaborate with one another and across practice areas to ensure proactive guidance and thorough strategies. In addition, having a deep knowledge of local government is critical to supporting successful legal outcomes for community associations. Our attorneys have first-hand experience coordinating these aligned legal needs and responsibilities, so clients fully protect themselves. We also bring experience with insurance and employment law, and will coordinate our efforts as guided by each clients’ legal responsibilities and goals.

From our experience, to do our best work, we must foster strategic thinking and community-minded support — while laying the groundwork to meet your legal needs every step of the way. With our support, we can help you pursue the following goals:

Foster a cohesive community

At its core, an association is a network of people all working together to promote their community’s wellbeing. To support this role, the association must also function with a community spirit. In order to operate efficiently and soundly, all members must work together with a legal, operational, and business infrastructure that promotes proactive decision-making and streamlined processes. Our role as advisors means you have a true team of legal professionals collaborating to help you create the best outcomes across your operations and goals.

Draft and manage effective documentation

The quality of your operations and governance largely depends on the quality of your documents. Both homeowners and board members rely on effective documents that clearly outline expectations. We bring substantial experience helping associations build their documentation from the ground up, as well as revising existing documentation to strengthen operations. As we support you, removing ambiguity and defining clarity are our goal. We can help you create, revise, and manage the following:

  • Architectural guidelines
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Declarations
  • Document amendments
  • Rules
  • Resolutions and minutes
  • Member correspondence
  • Disclosures

Govern with compliance

We’re here to help ensure you remain in full compliance with your governance and laws. We also assist you in meeting your myriad operational needs, such as managing risk, operating budgets, and complying with regulations, among other responsibilities. We bring deep understanding about the state and federal laws you must follow, how to support clear communications with all involved parties (homeowners, board members, etc.), and how to best secure all documentation. In addition, we can represent you in contract negotiations with various bodies, such as property and amenity management. No matter your goals, we’ll help you stay on track as a thorough, steadfast ally.

Manage efficient collections

Needing to collect overdue accounts is an unfortunate yet common responsibility. Failing to do so not only affects the association’s cash flow — but also leaves homeowners and the association open to risk. We can help ensure that you have fair enforcement and collection policies in place, and also have informal and formal policies designed to meet state and federal requirements. While our goal is to help you avoid going to court, should you ever have to, we stand ready to support your success through each step.

Ultimately, we’re here as a friend in business to help you govern soundly and operate efficiently. No matter what size association you have or legal goals you need to meet, we stand ready to help.

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