Webinar: Rentals in Your HOA or Condo Getting You Down? What HOA Boards Need to Know About Regulating Rentals

HOAleader.com, a national online publication for homeowner associations, is hosting this webinar. Liz contributes to HOAleader.com and has presented multiple webinars through the site.

You’ll learn:

  • What to know about rentals in HOAs: Is it true they can lower property values? Or is that just an urban myth perpetuated by stuffy, get-off-my-lawn-type owners?
  • The pros and cons of creating rental restrictions in your community, including the biggie: How do we enforce it?
  • Factors to consider when you evaluate whether your HOA needs a change in policy—whether it’s going from a no-rental plan to permitting rentals or the other way around
  • What you need to know about the booming business of short-term rentals by homeowners
  • Provisions to include in a rental policy to ensure it’s reasonable and enforceable
  • Best practices for educating your community on your proposed rental policy so you can actually get it passed
  • How to monitor your owners’ activities to ensure they’re not violating your policy
  • Tips to make enforcement less daunting, time-consuming, and contentious, including smart ideas for fines that will deter and punish abusers
  • And much more!

Visit HOAleader.com to register for the webinar.

Elizabeth L. White, Esq.

Liz leads our firm’s national Community Associations industry team and works in our Williamsburg, Virginia office. She is widely regarded as a thought leader in this industry and is a frequent speaker at CAI (Community Association Institute) events on topics relating to community association law. She is a regular contributor to publications such as www.HOAleader.com. Liz teaches a class on community association law at William and Mary Law School, which is the only one of its kind in Virginia and one of only a handful nationwide. 

Liz is co-presenting the webinar with David Firmin, managing partner at Altitude Community Law PC.