Economic Development

Creating a supportive business climate for economic development requires coordinating various legal aspects and business priorities, and Sands Anderson stands ready to support your success with efficiency and care.

To attract the right businesses, government agencies must build meaningful incentives that drive economic growth. And they need to do so by managing relationships and legalities between construction, real estate, taxes, environmental needs, and more. Meanwhile, companies searching for a conducive business environment must soundly navigate the process while documenting their ability to create jobs and invest in the community.

At Sands Anderson, our attorneys bring decades of experience working with local governments, businesses, and developers to encourage economic development and improve communities. We understand the importance of developing agreements that protect public resources while proficiently addressing any costs and concerns. As your legal ally, we can provide the nimble, thorough support that helps you seize the opportunities awaiting you.

We work with clients across the Mid-Atlantic region and provide judicious legal services such as:

  • Forge public-private partnerships that facilitate economic development for all stakeholders
  • Assist in creating special tax districts and zones for intensive development areas
  • Coordinate with authorities to finance infrastructure and other improvements
  • Work closely with state officials and legislators to provide state incentives for industries moving to their localities

From drafting documents to managing permitting and annexation processes, we’ll provide united support for your complete legal needs.

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