Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Law enforcement and public safety officials are on the front lines of government-citizen interactions.

At Sands Anderson, we’re honored to dedicate our services to support the legal needs of law our country’s first responders. Our attorneys include a former lead prosecutor, and seasoned white collar and blue collar criminal defense attorneys, top flight litigators, and experienced government lawyers.  Through our deep legal talents and experience, we provide the judicious legal support that drives the best outcomes.

By helping you navigate an array of legal challenges and serving as your ally, we stand with you — just as you stand for us. We commonly help our clients to resolve:

  • Civil Rights Complaints
  • Criminal Activity Accusations
  • Excessive Force Claims Against Police and Correctional Officers
  • Medical Malpractice Accusations

A sampling of our successful efforts include defending a variety of claims, including:

  • Malicious prosecution accusation against an investigating detective
  • Wrongful death accusation against SWAT team member
  • Racial discrimination claim against detective
  • Excessive force claim against police officer

You’ve worked hard defending our citizens and upholding the spirit of the law. We’re ready to defend your legal needs, with confidence and care.

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