At Sands Anderson, we have decades of experience supporting clients across the complex and diverse manufacturing landscape.

As an industry that touches nearly every aspect of our economy, its importance and role in our lives is expansive and evolving. From creating beauty products to producing hardwood flooring and beyond, a variety of companies fill this essential industry – bringing an array of legal responsibilities. Whether you’re facing employment concerns, working through product liability, or navigating a variety of other manufacturing laws, we’ll support you with care at each step.

As a legal ally, our goal is to provide you with clear and proactive counsel that protects you today while preparing you for tomorrow. Our attorneys represent a variety of midsized manufacturing clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and offer creative solutions to a range of issues. We have accomplished experience serving as general counsel and bring principled support when working through contracts or presenting in the courtroom.

We’ve helped clients address an array of legal goals, including:

  • Overseeing mergers and acquisitions
  • Addressing marketing and advertising regulations
  • Defending product liability matters
  • Lobbying for business needs on a state and federal level
  • Managing intellectual property priorities
  • Overcoming labor needs that relate to details such as unions and strikes

No matter your goals, we can collaborate across a range of disciplines to tailor legal strategies that help you stay on track. And we’ll do so while providing the individual care and attention you need to come out ahead.

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