For over 25 years, Sands Anderson’s Government group has represented counties, cities, towns, school boards, and other public entities with thorough legal guidance. We currently serve as County, City, or Town Attorney in 11 localities, as well as School Board Attorney for over 15 local school divisions, and Special Counsel in over 30 localities. From these experiences, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge and insight into the strategic legal needs of our government clients in a broad array of areas.

Governments must navigate an array of legal responsibilities and challenges that impact a broad range of constituents. As your ongoing legal partner, we can provide the daily and long-term support that helps you streamline and strengthen your outcomes. Our goal is to remove roadblocks, mitigate risks, and maximize your opportunities, so you maintain a healthy standing across your jurisdiction.

Since forming our Government group, our attorneys have been involved in over 1,500 bond issues, totaling more than $4 billion. They have also addressed specialized financings involving lease purchases, moral obligations, and economic development issues. Whether you seek to negotiate contracts, explore special tax districts financing, or another priority, our full team of legal professionals stand ready to help.

We can support government clients with the following legal services:

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