White Collar Defense & Government Investigations

If you seek support navigating white collar defense or government regulations, our team stands ready to serve your unique legal needs.

We bring extensive experience in the area of White Collar Crimes, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, as well as Charitable Fraud and Internal Investigations. Across our support and throughout each client relationship, we work carefully and thoroughly to oversee your legal responsibilities with steadfast service. You also gain an ally who will advise and guide you with deep legal experience. No matter if you’re an individual or a business, we will creatively design the specific legal strategies and steps you must take to support and protect you.

Our attorneys have vast experience in government enforcement agencies and in the private sector on a wide range of antitrust and charitable fraud cases. By applying their talents, they can help ensure you receive the best legal outcome.

White Collar Defense

Defending clients who are navigating white collar defenses takes a nuanced understanding of the law — and a judicious ability to help you come out ahead. From tax fraud to embezzlement to money laundering, or more, we’ve represented an array of cases and lead clients toward successful outcomes. With each client, we remain ethically bound as discreet, active listeners and will work intelligently and efficiently on your behalf. Further, as a midsize law firm, we’re able to call upon the strengths of our other practice areas in order to provide you with full-rounded perspectives. No matter the case, we dedicate our efforts to thoroughly represent you.


Antitrust issues can impact nearly any legitimate business operation. As your legal ally, we stand ready to defend you. We understand that working efficiently to support your unique case is important and helping you avoid costly government enforcement actions is critical. By working with our team, you gain professionals with direct experience dealing with the complexities of antitrust enforcements. You also receive caring support from attorneys who will apply their legal talents to help you come out ahead. From reviewing proposed business dealings for antitrust implications to defending the private actions of antitrust law violations, and more, we can provide the complete legal support you need.

Charitable Fraud

Non-profit organizations must navigate and comply with a myriad of state and federal laws that can easily become cumbersome and confusing. Our attorneys can guide you through the intricacies of these laws and bring clarity and forethought to help protect you. We are also experienced in defending allegations of violations in registration laws or charitable fraud. No matter the goals that drive you or the legal outcomes you seek, we can serve your specific needs with disciplined support.

Internal Investigations

Businesses must react swiftly to internal problems in today’s environment. Our attorneys have direct experience dealing with internal investigations in both the private and public sectors. Creating a strategic plan for managing investigations is essential, and we will work closely with you to craft a plan that fits. Our support also includes developing a strategy to interview witnesses, conduct interviews, review documentary evidence, as well as outlining any necessary corrective action. In addition, we guide internal auditors on legal matters. In every step, we will serve as your dependable legal partner and provide the knowledge guidance.