Mass Tort & Mass Claim Litigation

Sands Anderson can serve as your complete legal partner and thoroughly support you with Mass Tort and Mass Claim legal services.

Over the years, we’ve gained deep experience helping our clients navigate and litigate complex mass tort and mass claim cases. Our goal is to help you efficiently and proactively reach the outcomes you desire when guiding you through your legal responsibilities. The ability to serve these in-depth cases requires experience, industry talents, and a dedication to understand the unique concerns and goals of each client. While one client may seek an appeal, another may want to settle. The ability to intelligently negotiate and reach your specific needs drives every aspect of our support. As a dedicated ally, we’ll drive your success with efficiency and care in every step.

When you partner with our mass tort and mass claim litigations team, the following values guide our support:

Collaborative Ally

We believe that collaboration is highly important in class action law suits. So, we coordinate our efforts closely with our clients, our firm’s other practices areas, and outside professional partners. When we represent you, we’ll be by your side, making sure to connect all the pieces and people involved to responsibly litigate your case. We stand ready to partner with:

  • Class counsel
  • Individual plaintiff’s counsel
  • Defense counsel
  • Customer services representatives and in-house legal teams
  • Banking institutions and trustees
  • Insurance providers
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Courts

Confidential and Proactive Communication

We understand that confidentiality matters when litigating mass tort and mass claim cases. By working with our team, you can find confidence in knowing that we respect privacy and will protect our reporting and data collecting. We also thoroughly communicate throughout our relationships. Claimants and counsel can receive real-time updates on the status of individual claims and settlement progress through secure technology that enables you to check your case’s progress 24/7.

named leading mass tort litigation and actions plaintiffs by U.S. News and World Report


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