Commercial Collections & Creditors Rights

Promptly and efficiently managing collections is essential for an organization’s ability to maintain healthy financial operations. The process can often be complex and cumbersome, however, making a streamlined collections experience an uphill challenge.

At Sands Anderson, our Collections team can support your success from day one with efficiency and care.

We have years of experience representing an array of creditors and navigating complexities across a variety of legal cases. Our clientele often includes:

  • Fortune 500 corporations
  • Landlords
  • Small businesses
  • Individuals

Our goal is to help you collect the money you’re due by vigorously working on your behalf. We can support all stages of the collections process, from pre-litigation demands through enforcement of judgment. We will stand by your side to advise and protect you, whether the unpaid debt arises from owed services payments, back-owed rents, non-payment for goods, or another collections needs. We have the experience and talents to proactively manage your collections, and will look out for your best interests as an ally you can depend on.

Additionally, we want to help you prevent collections from even going to court. We routinely advise our clients on avoiding uncollectible debt by properly preparing contracts, invoices, and other documents. With this support, our goal is to maximize your rights and protect your interests as a creditor. Should a creditor or debtor need help with bankruptcy cases, we can help them navigate through the system, as well as represent them in federal bankruptcy courts.

No matter your goals, we stand ready to help you look forward, stay on track, and come ahead.