Sands Anderson provides construction litigation counsel and advocacy that focuses on leveraging your strategic advantage and competitive edge. We safeguard the rights of government entities and local, regional, and national companies involved in private and public projects through dispute resolution and litigation throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Our goal is to ensure your construction projects remain protected, viable, and successful at all stages of their lifecycle.

Our deep bench of knowledge and experience in the region’s construction industry allows us to identify litigation risk and overcome obstacles to progress that can decrease your ROI. We are valued for favorably resolving even the most hotly contested construction disputes outside of court and with less delay and expense.

When the stakes are high and litigation is your optimal path to recourse, we work intelligently and efficiently on attack or defense to enforce your rights before state and federal courts and state and federal administrative agencies across the region and nationally.

From pre-project counseling, contracts, and negotiation to mediation, arbitration, and litigation – through trial and, when necessary, on appeal – we are your thorough and steadfast ally in providing solutions that bring even the most problematic and difficult construction disputes and claims to the best possible resolution.

Our Clients

We advise all types of clients on a wide range of projects, including:

  • Contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors, and EPC contractors
  • General design professionals including architects and design builders
  • Property owners, developers, joint ventures, and corporate owners
  • Industry suppliers, lenders, and insurers
  • Government entities and agencies
  • Educational facilities, school systems, and universities

Our Practice

We advise on, negotiate, problem-solve for, investigate, litigate, try, and appeal all types of construction-related issues, disputes, and claims, a sampling of which includes:

  • Defective design/engineering and Professional Errors & Omissions
  • Defective materials, workmanship, installation/construction
  • Catastrophic events resulting in serious injury, death, or property damage
  • Subrogation and pass-throughs

  • Contract creation, review, and termination
  • OSHA and VOSH standards/regulations compliance
  • Preventative analysis and insurance contract review

  • Labor issues, including Union elections, grievances, and unfair labor practice claims
  • Davis Bacon Act prevailing wage requirements
  • Wage and hour issues, including independent contractor classification, wage payment requirements, and overtime issues
  • Employment discrimination suits, including gender, race, and disability discrimination claims

  • OSHA and VOSH standards/regulations compliance
  • Construction safety management
  • Catastrophic events resulting in serious injury and/or death involving OSHA and VOSH investigations
  • VOSH and OSHA hearings and negotiation of resolution of proposed findings and penalties
  • OSHA and VOSH citations and violations litigation

  • Perfection and enforcement of mechanic's liens
  • Defense of mechanic's liens
  • Bonding off mechanic's liens

Business allies building a future together.

Veteran advocacy skills. Our litigators resolve complex disputes before state and federal courts, the United States Court of Federal Claims, numerous state and federal boards of contract appeals, and before national and international forums, including the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and other regionally based arbitrators.

Resource conservation. Our lawyers are particularly effective at managing complex, multi-party cases, including understanding the key contractual, technical, schedule, and budgets involved in construction disputes. We work with you to manage and control litigation costs and collaborate with clients and experts as a cohesive litigation “team”.

Experience that matters. We offer a track record of success in resolving defect controversies that include structural, concrete/steel, foundational, and roofing issues; ventilation, air conditioning, and heating; soil movement, contamination, and toxic mold; fire protection, plumbing, and electrical installation; stucco, siding, window/doors, balconies, and decking.

Ability to find the right solution. Whether through initial negotiation, arbitration, mediation, litigation, a jury trial, or an appeal, we deliver favorable results in construction dispute resolution involving a variety of properties, such as commercial structures, multi-phase industrial complexes, single-family detached homes, and public facilities, among many other examples.

Risk analysis that makes the difference. We believe in early detection of a problem when it comes to identifying possible threats or worksite disruptions. We focus on assisting you to avert a potential dispute altogether, and, in the event the problem cannot be immediately corrected, structuring the right legal defense early-on and to realize your fundamental objectives.

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