Healthcare Regulatory Board Licensing

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We help doctors and nurses with Board licensing complaints in Virginia.


Our team, which includes nurses and a doctor, defends individual medical providers who have had complaints filed against them with the licensing boards, including the Virginia Board of Medicine, Virginia Board of Nursing, and the other 12 health regulatory Boards within the Virginia Department of Health Professions.

We appreciate how upsetting it can be for a healthcare provider to have a complaint filed against them. The immediate licensing concerns and the long-term complications that can result from a single complaint can be stressful and career-altering.

When facing an investigation or disciplinary action, we guide individuals through the process with thorough preparation and unwavering focus. We take care to present the board with accurate information and the complete picture of who they are as a practitioner for the best possible outcome.

We are a steadfast ally throughout the investigation and any subsequent proceedings, diligently working to demystify the process, buoy practitioners, and actively defend them.

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We answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Board Licensing Complaints & Investigations here.

How We Can Help

In this video, Margaret Hardy provides an explanation of how we help medical providers who have had complaints filed against them with licensing boards.


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