Navigating cumbersome tax responsibilities can be challenging and often daunting. As your legal ally, we can help you intelligently and efficiently oversee your tax liabilities, so you look forward and come out ahead.

We support an array of clients that include business owners, families, and nonprofits seeking a dependable legal guide who can advise them through the nuanced tax landscape. Collectively, our team brings over 27 years of experience representing clients across a variety of tax needs. We apply our legal talents to help ensure that every client we support can thoughtfully protect themselves in the future. Our consultative support goes beyond simply addressing transactional needs — we work closely alongside each client to bring their voices and concerns into the legal strategies we develop.

From overseeing buy-sell agreements to representing clients in front of state and federal courts, we can serve as your complete legal partner. As we work with you, we bring the following qualities:

Creative Problem Solving: 

We deeply value the ability to go beyond the status quo and design creative solutions to our clients’ unique tax liabilities. We believe that no two clients are the same, and we must customize our work to meet their unique needs. Further, we must be able to look at multiple angles and develop original approaches that maximize each client’s opportunities.

International Tax Background:

Our attorneys have experience with global deals involving international tax issues, compliance, and inbound and outbound responsibilities. We’ve served clients across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, and can apply our experiences to develop creative tax-exempt practices and solutions. 

Accounting and Legal Backgrounds:

We believe that diverse perspectives strengthen your legal outcomes. Our attorneys have both accounting and legal backgrounds, and can offer you well-rounded support.

Collaboration With Other Practice Areas:

Our firm’s depth of legal services means we have access to experienced attorneys to support you, no matter your goals. At any point, we can collaborate with our other professional to provide you with the complete legal guidance you need.

Legal tax services that we can support you with include:
  • Complex Deal Structuring, Sell- and Buy-Side
  • Inbound and Outbound Tax Dealings
  • Real Property Issues
  • Sales and Use Tax Issues
  • Entity Formation
  • Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Formation
  • Tax Liability Mitigation


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