Cybersecurity & Technology

With the ever-expanding uses of technology in the workplace, virtually every business and organization, regardless of size or sophistication, is vulnerable to cyberattacks — and the real-world financial and reputational harms that can arise from those attacks.  The threats continue to evolve in intensity and scale, and they create significant risks to financial and intellectual property assets, confidential and employee information, customer and end-user information, and your organization’s reputation. No matter what industry you work in, you must take measures to protect yourself, minimize risks, and avoid major disruptions and vulnerabilities.

Working at the intersection of cybersecurity and technology, our Cybersecurity and Technology team has the in-depth knowledge and experience to help you identify and address vulnerabilities, reduce your risks, and ensure compliance with applicable laws.  Whether you seek legal guidance that helps you proactively protect your business or organization, or you need an experienced and steady hand to guide you through a data breach or cybersecurity crisis, we stand ready to help.  Our attorneys have years of combined industry experience advising clients on cybersecurity and technology matters with efficiency and care.  We’ve counseled an array of clients on cybersecurity, data protection and technology matters, from small and emerging companies to well-established and publicly traded companies across various industries and sizes.

With every client, we remain focused on an essential goal: to provide practical legal advice that helps you protect your assets and reputation and minimize risk in a way that that works best for you.

We do more than address the matters at hand.  We want to help you prepare for the road ahead.  As such, we will help you prepare for the future of your legal needs with forward-looking perspectives. We also collaborate across our firm’s practice areas, so you have complete legal support backing your success.


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