Cybersecurity & Technology

With the ever-expanding uses of data and technology in daily operations, every business and organization, regardless of size or sophistication, needs to take steps to protect themselves.

Working at the intersection of data security, data privacy and technology, our Cybersecurity and Technology team has the in-depth knowledge and experience to help you drive success and protect your organization as you navigate the complexity of the various data security and privacy rules that apply to your organization.  We also help you negotiate and close technology-related contracts in a way that is business-focused while also reducing risk and protecting your organization and intellectual property.

Whether you seek legal guidance that helps you proactively manage the privacy and security risks inherent in handling data, a lawyer who understands business and can facilitate the successful negotiation of a complex technology-related contract, or experienced counsel with a steady hand to guide you through a data breach or cybersecurity incident, we stand ready to help.

Our attorneys have years of combined industry experience advising clients on data security, data privacy and technology matters with efficiency and care.  We’ve counseled an array of clients on data security and privacy compliance (including international requirements – e.g., EU GDPR and UK GDPR) and technology matters, from small and emerging companies to well-established and publicly traded companies across various industries and sizes.  We are experienced in leading the investigation and response efforts for our clients that are faced with a data breach or other security incident (including malware), allowing us to help our clients meet their legal obligations and manage the crisis while minimizing the impact on their operations.

With every client, we remain focused on an essential goal:  to provide practical legal advice that helps further your success while protecting your assets and minimizing risk in a way that that works best for you. We do more than address the matters at hand.  We want to help you prepare for the road ahead. As such, we will help you prepare for the future of your legal needs with forward-looking perspectives.  We also collaborate across our firm’s practice areas, so you have complete legal support backing your success.


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