Sands Anderson has a successful legacy assisting our clients’ litigation needs by providing the adept legal support to help them come out ahead.

Our litigation attorneys have handled an array of appeals in both state and federal courts. We’ve supported deeply diverse clientele that include governments, businesses, non-profits, and beyond. No matter what client we serve or what stage in the legal process we represent, we remain focused on an essential goal: intelligently and efficiently serving your complete legal needs.

We consider ourselves dedicated allies here to look out for you in every step. We believe that the best legal outcomes happen when we put your needs first and keep you informed and empowered. We’re here to provide our industry talents and knowledge, so you can find clarity in your decisions.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions: Arbitration and Mediation

Sometimes the best legal outcomes mean finding alternative dispute resolutions to resolve our clients’ cases. Our litigation attorneys have deep experience in the courtroom, as well as  helping our clients resolve their disputes through arbitration and mediation.


Arbitration is an alternative to resolving a dispute in court with a judge or a jury — and can only happen when both parties agree to this process. We have represented clients before arbitrators in a variety of legal disputes, whether arising from commercial transactions, securities dealings, construction projects, or other business deals. We also routinely serve as arbitrators before cases. This broad experience provides in-depth legal support from attorneys you can depend on to thoughtfully and thoroughly guide you.

Arbitrations happen before a variety of tribunals, including:

  • National Association of Securities Dealers
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • American Arbitration Association

When appropriate, we also help our clients with mediation — a widely used method for resolving disputes without going to court. Mediation is a voluntary process that uses a trained and neutral third party to facilitate negotiations in order to resolve disputes and foster continued settlement discussions. The ultimate goal is to reach a result that both parties agree upon and sign in a settlement agreement.

Whatever your legal goals or disputes, we’re ready to support your litigation needs, including:

  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Rights
  • Commercial Transportation
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability Defense
  • Mass Tort and Mass Claim Litigation
  • White Collar Defense and Government Investigations


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