As America’s health-care industry grows increasingly complex, responsibly managing its unique needs is important. You have to address both the professional needs of practitioners, as well as the operational goals of running an enduring business. We understand that your legal priorities revolve around much more than litigation.

Our team of experienced healthcare defense attorneys includes nurses and a medical doctor. This practical knowledge allows us to fully understand your concerns when dealing with a malpractice claim or licensing board complaint.

Whether facing rising insurance costs, heightened regulation and accountability, or the underlying threat of damaging court awards, we stand ready to help you. As your steadfast ally, our goal is to protect you today and prevent legal threats by proactively addressing future responsibilities. In addition, we can represent you before various regulatory agencies, and help you pursue your unique legal outcomes.

Defense of Medical Malpractice Claims

Our Healthcare team offers more than 40 years of defending medical negligence claims and has substantial trial experience. We represent public and private hospitals and all types of assisted care facilities as well as doctors, dentists, nurses and clinicians of all specialties and practice groups of all sizes. Our experience includes representing medical professionals in high-profile cases and defending multi-million dollar claims. We are not afraid to try cases to protect your reputation and your career.

License Board Claims Defense

We defend medical providers who have had complaints filed against them with the licensing boards, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and counseling boards. When facing disciplinary action, we guide you through the process with thorough preparation and present you to the board for the best possible outcome.

Margaret Hardy provides an explanation in this video of how we can help you:

Correctional Healthcare

At Sands Anderson, we dedicate our efforts to serving the specific needs of correctional health-care professionals and facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We have years of experience helping correctional facilities navigate complex mandates, regulations, and legal requirements. Details such as the medical treatment of inmates require a specific understanding of the procedures and requirements you must follow — as well as the legal nuances unique to your services. From complying with regulations to addressing licensure or certification issues, or more, we’ll support with steadfast service and judicious guidance.

Complete Legal Guidance

We regularly advise clients on an array of legal responsibilities across your operations, including:

  • Advanced Medical Directives and Surrogate Decision-making
  • Corporate Structure and Management
  • Credentialing and Reimbursement
  • Health Information Systems
  • Healthcare Policies and Procedures
  • Impaired, Incompetent, and Disruptive Healthcare Providers
  • Informed Consent
  • Insurance Policies and Programs
  • Litigation Prevention
  • Medical Malpractice Defense
  • Medical Records/Confidentiality
  • Merger and Acquisition of Practices
  • Office Leasing and Purchase Agreements
  • Personnel and Medical Staff Issues
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • Programs for Patient Safety
  • Succession Planning

As a friend in business, we stand ready to provide the lasting value you seek, so you look forward and come out ahead.

8 healthcare lawyers receive legal elite award named leading professional malpractice law defendants practice by U.S. News and World Report



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